Sales / Fairs / Representation

Selling to Chinese companies can be a daunting task, especially for a Western company that does not have enough experience in operating locally and expects the Chinese to follow the common decision-making process in Europe. This often causes Western companies to feel frustrated and withdraw from the Chinese market too early. The awareness that persistence and patience are crucial in dealing with Chinese businesses is the basis for making a difference.

We adopt local customs of getting things done, never feeling frustrated and with the approach of becoming a partner, not just another supplier. We take the time to understand what exactly the customer’s problem is and then adjust the offer accordingly. We also send experts to analyze the customer’s process in order to help them solve a specific problem. Through our service you will build trust, which will offer you many opportunities to guide your customers in the direction that also benefits you as a supplier.

Market research

If you’re thinking about doing business in China, getting the information you need to succeed in that market is critical. Secondary sources on markets and companies or government data are harder for foreigners in China to consult. To get more accurate and up-to-date information, it is important to use a market research company that has a physical presence in China. Our company has several years of experience, a multilingual and multicultural staff, knowledge of a wide range of industrial sectors and reasonable prices.


The ability to provide adequate after-sales service is an important strength that can distinguish a company from the competition. Increased consumer awareness has given western brands an edge in the Chinese market, as western products and services are generally considered to have superior sales and customer service standards. This, of course, requires a certain degree of localization and a commitment to local sales and service training.

As the economy develops, competition in the market is becoming increasingly fierce. When consumers choose products, they not only pay attention to the quality of the products themselves, but also pay more attention to the after-sales service of products when the quality and performance of similar products are comparable. In recent years, after-sales service has become increasingly important throughout the sales process.

Our approach consists in taking the actual needs of customers as a starting point, trying to satisfy them to the maximum extent in terms of product functionality, spirit, emotion and everything that will be necessary. Some customers encounter many types of post-purchase problems, certainly solvable by us.

When a problem occurs, you should timely find a remedy and effectively deal with customer complaints. Timely installation, replacement and warranty of the product allows users to feel that the reliability and durability of the product can be guaranteed. Good after-sales service makes users praise the products, improving and multiplying the word-of-mouth effect for the benefit of the brand’s popularity. This effect is even worth much more than advertising itself.