Working with Midas means having a partner where you need it, when you need it and that allows you to obtain guaranteed and insured savings.

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Expand your purchase options instantly

In the last decade, with the advent of digitization, it may seem that the purchasing market has simplified enormously. In practice, however, the purchasing market has become enormously more difficult to navigate and understand. This is due to the exponential increase of non-professional traders, the strong variations of the market itself due to epidemics and geopolitical changes, due to the great variability of economic cycles.

The serious company, which wants to safely expand its purchase options, is facing very difficult strategic choices due to the complex and unstable market situation, which does not allow to be sure that the investments made can bring real advantages or even that they can pay for themselves in the medium term.

Working with us, you immediately have at your disposal our specialized staff with long and consolidated experience both in the Chinese market and in the products treated. We also provide you with a large portfolio of qualified suppliers specialized in specific products. Working with us you can immediately start buying even assemblies of complex products: by design, by specification, of different types, in small or large quantities.

Working with us means:

  • Professional purchasing services included in the purchase price
  • Large pool of specialized and qualified suppliers
  • Clear and secure communication in your language
  • Technological support for product development and improvement
  • Decades of presence in the market
  • Great purchasing power

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Working with us means:

  • Strongly Western culture and business management
  • Decades of experience in the procurement of complex products
  • Specialization in tailor-made, custom or specification products
  • Realistic and maintainable delivery times
  • Qualified quality inspectors for in-person control of processes and products
  • Complete management of supplies until the final satisfaction of the customer

Eliminate risks in your purchases abroad

Historically, the assessment of supply risk has been relegated to those products that are difficult to find or have a long and complex production cycle, but in today’s market conditions this paradigm is no longer valid.

Nowadays every component supplied can become a potential danger for the smooth and smooth management of its activities, non-delivery, or a non-compliance of a simple component such as a nut can bring the entire production chain to its knees.

Working with us you are relying on a specialized company that has as its primary objective the minimization of risks for its customers. 

Working with us you will have at your disposal professionals with deep knowledge: technological and production, quality assurance and control, international logistics and price trends and product costing.

Guarantee real cost savings

The real savings are always counted only at the end, this fact is particularly true in purchases abroad where complexities increase while control capabilities decrease.

The wise or experienced buyer knows that an offer with a low and attractive cost is not synonymous with real savings: along the way you can quickly accumulate additional costs with the risk not only of seeing the fixed savings disappear but even having to pay more than the old and tested solution.

Working with us you have the guarantee that any savings on paper will turn into real savings. Not in words but in deeds: thanks to our experience and organization we effectively manage all phases of the supply, greatly minimizing the risks; Thanks to the confidence in our abilities, we ensure that any quality problems are managed and solved or compensated for adequately.

Working with us means:

  • Turnkey supplies delivered directly to your warehouse
  • Realistic competitive pricing with no hidden extra costs
  • Elimination of currency exchange risks and transportation costs
  • Groupage of different products with shipping optimization
  • Expert management of customs procedures
  • Flexible payment terms, including warranty clause

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