How can we be sure that the goods you deliver to us are in quality?

All the products we supply you are manufactured by companies that we know, qualify and check periodically through our inspectors. When ordering, all the required specifications are not only clarified with you but are also referred to international standards, translated into Chinese, to then be discussed and agreed with the manufacturer. The supply always includes our expediting service (follow the progress of the work) and quality inspection. Our expediting and inspection activities are carried out on site and are shared with you through punctual reports in pdf format containing photos and descriptions.

What are the delivery times?

The production times obviously depend on the type of product but in general we can confirm that regardless of the type our production times are relatively short. Short production times allow us to compensate for transport and delivery times that generally add about 40 days to the technical production times. For example, for a commercial bearing we could deliver in about 50~60 days by sea, in about 30 days by air. Instead, for a tailor-made product with a production process as complex as a gear, we could deliver in about 3~5 months. Clearly delivery times can be greatly reduced for repeated supplies regularly and with other practical measures that we can propose.

What are the payment terms usually used?

Typical payment terms include an advance of 20~30%, a progressive of 60~65%, as soon as the goods have been qualified and already shipped from China, and a quality guarantee balance of 20~5% within 15 days from when you receive the goods. We offer attractive price discounts in the case of 100% advance payment, a solution that our historical customers appreciate very much as it also allows them to obtain a financial benefit on the capital. For orders of important value, we normally use letters of credit and bank guarantees. Payment terms can be discussed and agreed with you according to your needs and the type and size of the supply.

Who takes care of shipping and importing?

By choosing our DDP service our supplies are inclusive of the delivery of the goods to your warehouse, we take care of all shipping practices (by sea, train, plane) and customs procedures as well as any certificates. The price of the goods supplied as DDP includes all shipping costs and also includes customs duties. Your only concern and only additional payment, is to decide how to manage the payment of VAT at the time of customs clearance, you can opt for payment by bank transfer or request VAT compensation. We can also offer FOB or CIF deliveries.

If we find problems in the goods delivered who responds?

An important part of our added value is to understand well what our customer wants, also and especially from the point of view of perceived quality. Our primary objective is to ensure that the goods supplied exceed or at least meet our customer’s expectations. During its execution the supply is closely followed by our inspectors and our staff in the office, no goods are shipped if they are not first qualified by our inspectors and any discrepancies are clarified with the customer. However, as we well know, despite all the efforts, there is always a potential risk of discovering discrepancies once the goods have been delivered, our job is to make this possibility remote and, if it happens, that it is always and only minor problems. We want to build a long-term cooperation relationship, therefore, we are actively interested in receiving feedback from our customers and in case to solve any problems through warranty replacements or through economic compensation. We want to build trust in a concrete way.