Price trends

Monitoring commodity price trends plays a key role in the strategic procurement plan. It allows you to make data-driven decisions, predict when to request a price reduction, understand when a price increase is reasonable, and allows you to compare your market prices with Chinese prices from a long-term strategic perspective. Connect with us today to discuss your pricing and commodity analysis needs or to gain a better understanding of the procurement services we can offer.

Supplier research

In today’s market landscape, there are hundreds, if not thousands of vendors to choose from, each with varying degrees of expertise for each solution they offer. How do you know if you’re choosing the right provider for you? A decision that you will have to live with for the duration of the contract. 

It is precisely on this aspect, and not only, that we can make a difference for your organization, having a dedicated team by your side, which will help you make the right choice. We’ll save your staff countless hours of work by sharing information in a clear and objective way so you can readily obtain all the key information you need.

Contact our team who will provide you with all the support you need so you can make strategic and operational decisions confident for today’s solutions and with an eye already geared to tomorrow’s needs.

Supplier Audit / Supplier Qualification

The supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

To protect your business, it is critically important to identify and resolve supplier compliance issues through comprehensive audits and corrective actions conducted by experienced professionals. Our expert auditors plan, schedule and perform supplier quality management audits to identify areas of non-compliance. After the evaluation, our experts provide a detailed report that includes all observations, shortcomings and a corrective action plan for improvement.

With an improvement plan in place, our professionals will work closely with you to provide recommendations, resolve compliance issues, track corrective actions, and communicate the status of resolutions with management. This comprehensive approach to supplier quality management strengthens supplier relationships while ensuring products are of the right quality through a compliant and efficient quality system.

Supplier negotiation

If you have worked in the field of procurement, you already know the difficulty of negotiating contracts with suppliers. This can be much more challenging for buyers and sellers especially if there are huge physical and cultural distances between the parties.

As a buyer, you should be aware of the ins and outs of negotiating contracts, otherwise you may leave a lot of money on the table. Successful negotiation should be mutually beneficial.

We have completed thousands of successful negotiations with Chinese manufacturers, so through our experience it is possible to obtain the best contract terms, whether they are simple single contracts or complex long-term agreements.